MinyaMiddle EastTomb and Chapel of Petosiris
SafagaAfricaLuxor, Karnak, Valley of the Kings
Beni SuefMiddle EastBeni Suef Aziz Mosque, Beni Suef Archeological Museum
Suez CanalAfrica
AbydosAfricaTemple of Osiris, Temple of Seti
Marsa AlamAfricaNew resort, diving, Emerald Mines and the Temple of Seti
Alexandria (E)AfricaCairo, Pyramids, El Alamein
Tawila IslandAfricaSecluded beaches, coral reefs
Port SaidAfricaCairo, Pyramids, Memphis
AmarnaMiddle EastTemple ruins & tombs of emains of the Rebel Pharaoh Akhenaten
HurghadaAfricaResort, beaches, reefs
QuseirAfricaBeach resort, Fortress, Pharaonic and Roman sites
CairoAfricaMuseum, Pyramids
NuweibaAfricaBeach resort, Fortress, Coloured Canyon
TabaAfricaSinai Desert, Resort hotels, Salah el Din Castle
SohagAfricaMosques, churches and monasteries
BereniceMiddle EastTemple ruins, Hamata
DahabAfricaBeach resort, coral reefs, Saint Catherine's Monastery
Sharm el SheikAfricaSinai Desert, St Catherine's Monastery, snorkelling
Beni MazarMiddle EastBeni Hasan Ancient Egyptian cemetery site
Luxor TempleAfricaColonnades, pylons, colossal statues
Gubal IslandAfricaSecluded beaches, coral reefs
Ras MohammedAfricaSinai Desert, Reefs, snorkelling
SuezAfricaCairo, Pyramids, Port Ibrahim, New Port and Port Tewfik
LuxorAfricaAncient Thebes, Temple of Luxor, Karnak, Valley of the Kings