Limnos - Greek Islands

Limnos is different from any of the other Greek islands. It lies low and flat, a lush green carpet in the spring that becomes crackling yellow-brown in summer as water is in short supply. The landscape is dotted with fields of grain, quirky scarecrows and beehives (the island's thyme honey was favoured by the gods) but the main occupation of Limnos is military; its magnificent natural harbour near the mouth of the Dardenelles has ensured that the island has always been of strategic importance. It was the holy island of the smithy god Hephaistos (Vulcan), who was worshipped on mount Moschylus, which in ancient times emitted a fiery jet of asphaltic gas; today Limnos' volcanic past is manifest in its astringent hot springs and the highly sulphuric "Limnian earth", found near Repanidi, used from ancient times until the Turkish occupation for healing wounds and stomach aches. Visit Hephaestus Island, Myrina and the ruins of Poliochni. The following 7 cruises call at Limnos. Discover more by clicking the cruise name or ship or click the Enquire button if you want to check availability and pricing.