Lindos - Greek Islands

The resort of Lindos is located high above the sea along the eastern shores of the island of Rhodes. Its clustered colony of dazzlingly white houses and narrow vine-shaded lanes is tucked into a hillside above a curving beach and sparkling bay - crowned by a soaring fortress built by the Knights of St. John that encloses an ancient acropolis. According to Greek legend the island was a gift to the sun god Helios, whose descendants founded Lindos as well as two other cities. The ancient city of Lindos reached its peak of prosperity around the fourth century BC when the Greeks built the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia. During this time the population of the city was more than twenty times the size as it is today. During the Middle Ages, the Byzantines settled in the city, and the Knights of St. John left behind the grand fortress standing guard over Lindos.