Lipsi - Greek Islands

Lipsi is one of the Greek Dodecanese islands, off the Turkish coast. Claiming to be where Calypso beguiled Odysseus, Lipsi features green hills dotted with blue and white churches and colourful villages and has excellent beaches. In Lipsi town the blue domed Agios Ionnis displays a famous icon of the Panagia and the Nikoforeion Ecclesiatical Musem is interesting. The mountain at Kimissi used to be a hiding place for hermits, and here there is a 16th century Church dedicated to the Sleep of the Virgin Mary (Kimissi tis Theotokos). Christianity came early to Lipsi and there are several churches on the island. One of the oldest is from the 8th century. During the Middle Ages it was tormented by pirates, and belonged to the monastery of Patmos for almost 600 years. It was then conquered by the Turks in the 16th century, but in 1912 the Italians took over. until the island was liberated in 1948.