Qeshm - Iran

Qeshm is the largest island in the Persian Gulf and is located off the southern coast of Iran and north of Straight of Hormuz.. Also called Altavileh (Long Island) in Arabic it runs parallel to the coast and has a rocky shore except for the sandy bays with good beaches. The interior is almost all hilly. Here you can enjoy the diverse beaches, the island's historical past, and the culture and traditions of its native people. It is also a free port and offers duty free shopping. Sights on the island include Portuguese fortifications dating from 1507, the old city of Kharboz, Koolghan ancient hill , the pilgrimage sites of Bibi Mariyam, Shah Shahid, Sheikh Andar and the Abi Seyed Mozafar Jame' mosque. Control of the island has changed fromTourans to Arab tribes and back to Iran with the Portuguese, Dutch and British there for short periods - but they appear to have left due to the hot weather.