Zuwarah - Libya

Zuwarah is a port city in northwestern Libya situated 68 miles west of Tripoli and 37 miles from the Tunisian border. It was here that Muammar al-Qaddafi first proclaimed the Libyan 'Cultural Revolution' in 1973. Visit nearby Sabratha which began life as a Carthaginian trading post. Under the Romans the city flourished and the impressive ruins including temples, public baths, fountains and an excellent museum are located by the sea. The site has a magnificent late 3rd century theatre, that retains its three-storey architectural backdrop, and temples dedicated to Liber Pater, Serapis and Isis. There is a Christian basilica of the time of Justinian and remnants also of some of the mosaic floors that enriched elite dwellings of Roman north Africa. Visitors to Libyan ports should be aware that the local laws are very strict on certain issues - Israeli nationals, Israeli newspapers and magazines and Israeli stamps in your passport are not welcome. Alcohol is banned onshore and cannot be served onboard while in port. The dress code is conservative and females should avoid showing bare legs and shoulders.