Loreto - Mexico

Loreto, an unassuming, authentic Mexican village, is located on east coast of the Baja California Peninsula. Old Town Loreto is now a quaint showplace but the main reasons to come to Loreto are centered around the Sea of Cortez and the National Marine Park Bay. This is comprised of five islands - Islas Coronados, Isla del Carmen, Isla Danzante, Isla Monserrat, and Isla Catalana - and is a paradise of marine life and scenery. Also visit the restored Mision Nuestra Señora de Loreto, started in 1699 it was the first in the Californias, with its carved stone walls, wood-beam ceiling, gilded altar, and primitive portraits of the priests who have served here. Next door is the Museo de las Misiones which chronicles the conquest of Baja California and contains many interesting artifacts, including a mission bell, religious art, and antique weapons. Loreto is also the nearest city to Bahía de Magdalena (Magdalena Bay), the southernmost of the major gray whale calving lagoons on the Pacific coast of Baja. The first European settlement in the Californias, Loreto was founded in 1697 by Jesuit priest and explorer Juan María Salvatierra with the establishment of La Misión de Nuestra Señora de Loreto. The town served as the Californias' secular and religious capital for 132 years, until it was nearly destroyed by a hurricane in 1829. The following 5 cruises call at Loreto. Discover more by clicking the cruise name or ship or click the Enquire button if you want to check availability and pricing.