Lifou Island - New Caledonia

Lifou Island is one of the Loyalty Islands part of New Caledonia and Dependencies (an overseas territory of France), located in the southern Pacific Ocean. Lifou is a coral island where wild or terraced cliffs plunge into the sea, alternating with long white sandy beaches. The Bay of Chateaubriand, on the eastern coast is home to the coral outcrop of We, the largest in the archipelago and the village of We, the main administrative and commercial centre. Nearby is Jinek Bay for diving and snorkelling and Easo village, a replica of local life. In the south the coast is studded with caves and at the Bay of Wanda there is a marine turtle park. In the west is Sandalwood Bay, named after the early sandalwood merchants and in the north, Doking where a tribe lives on the side of a 40 m high cliff overhanging extremely beautiful sea bed of coral. During their annual migrations (from August to September) it is along these cliffs that whales come to scratch off their back on the many small shells that have accumulated on their skin. The Loyalty Islands consist of three large islands (Mare, Lifou, and Uvea), and numerous small islands, totalling about 760 sq miles in area. Copra, rubber, and sugar cane are the chief exports. There are more than 30 cruises calling at this port. Click the month or cruise line logo you are interested in to see details of the cruises.