White Sea Region - Russia, West

The White Sea is a large inlet off the Barents Sea, off the coast of north-western Russia and partly enclosed on the north by the Kola Peninsula. Cruising in this region may include the isolated Solovetsky Islands, home to the monastery, in which Stalin's government housed one of the Soviet Union's most infamous Gulag camps. Within its extensive defensive walls there are two 16th century cathedrals housing some stunning icons and many other buildings. On Ostrov Anserski you will find the ruins of the hermitage Troitsky. Here also in the region is Severodvinsk, the main base for the construction of Red Army submarines. Catch a glimpse of the atomic and diesel submarines parked in its harbour. Explore the green islands and old wooden villages of the Dvina River delta. At its south-eastern corner lies the city of Archangelsk, in the 18th century the centre of Russian shipbuilding.