Simons Town - South Africa

Simons Town lies just to the east of Cape Town on the southern tip of South Africa. This is a quintessentially English seaside town with intricate Victorian wrought iron balustrades and the flag flying British Hotel dominating the main street. Enticing alley ways lead up to whitewashed houses on the hillside which overlook a charming waterfront complex and the False Bay Yacht Club alongside extensive Navy buildings. In 1814 the English colonial rulers of the Cape turned Simon's Town into a Naval Base and it has remained one ever since. In 1940 when the sailors' favourite Great Dane dog created a nuisance of himself on the trains, a request was sent to the British parliament asking for him to be enlisted in the Navy. Permission was granted and Able Seaman Just Nuisance was the only dog ever to hold rank in the Royal Navy and is immortalised in a life-sized statue in Simons Town's Jubilee Square. You may also care to visit to the rare African Jackass Penguin colony at Boulder's Beach, a couple of miles out of Simon's Town. Further along the road towards Cape Point you are very likely to come across the resident troop of baboons who rule the road and jump onto car bonnets. Cape Point is the most southwesterly point of Africa where the cold Beguela current on the West coast and the warm Agulhus current on the East coast merge. Situated in the Table Mountain National Park it has one of the highest sea cliffs in the world – 249 m above sea level and it has at least 250 species of birds and 1100 indigenous plant species, some of which occur no where else on earth. There are historical monuments including the Diaz and Da Gama crosses.and a funicular taking scenic trips to the old lighthouse.