Livingston Island - South Shetland Islands

Livingston Island is one of the South Shetland Islands off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. It is one of the most popular stops in Antarctica, mainly because of its large chinstrap and gentoo rookeries (which sometimes have macaroni penguins nesting among them)., as well as large flocks of skuas, southern giant petrels, sheathbills, and nesting kemp gulls. In the early-19th-century, Livingston Island was a major sealing centre - English sealers took more than 95,000 fur seal skins on the western part of the island alone. Hannah Point, named after the British sealer "Hannah" (from Liverpool), which was wrecked in the South Shetlands on Christmas Day of 1820. East of Hannah Point lies the Spanish station, Juan Carlos Primero, a summer-only base. Just about 2 km northeast of Juan Carlos Primero lies the Bulgarian summer base, St Kliment Ohridskiy.